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On a regular basis we hear the words business and ethics in separate contexts, but what happens when these two words are combined? Well, we get a phrase that basically means analyzing the science of moral responsibility in business practices and making decisions.

This article will seek to provide resources for business ethics within various different professions such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing, Property, and International Business.

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Quick Facts

  • There are a few graduate schools in the US that offer graduate certificate programs in Business Ethics. The Graduate School of Business at Loyola University Chicago offers one such program. (Loyola University Chicago: Graduate School of Business)
  • Business ethics focuses on the moral values in business engagements and operations. (Marylhurst University
  • During 2009 there were about 150 schools throughout 24 surveyed countries that had business ethics programs. (Beyond Grey Pinstripes)
  • Defense Industry Initiative is a site that offers ethics training, web seminars and even instructional videos. (Defense Industry Initiative)
  • There are many publications that offer subscribers access to periodic updates and developments in business ethics. The Business Ethics Quarterly is one such publication. (Philosophy Documentation Center) 
  • Just as there are many resources for individuals interested in learning more about business ethics or seeking to enroll in a business ethics program, there are also resources for those interested in teaching business ethics. (Institute of Business Ethics)  

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  • Ethics.orgfeatures an Ethics Toolkit that contains an ethics and decision making model, tips for writing an ethics code just to name a few items.  
  • offers information on anti-competitive practices and their legality.
  • Gerogia Institute of Technology offers an example of a syllabus from a business ethics program.
  • Villanova University features a publish article that explores business ethics education and explores the effect on students enrolled in one-semester business courses.
  • Illinois Institute of Technology offers an online listing of links to full-text articles and published journals on business ethics.
  • Education Resources Information Center offers a database for finding articles on education, including education in relation to business ethics. 

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  • University of Novara Business School offers information on the business ethics research being done within the business school and available grants.
  • PBS features an online news special about corporate business ethics.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an extensive list of articles and publications on business ethics and finance.
  • features an article from "The Financial Analyst Journal" that discusses how ethics relate to finance.
  • offers a database of published articles based on the corporate responsibility that businesses hold towards their consumers.

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Human Resource Management

  • Center for Positive Management Leadership's website contains a PDF of the CPML's business newsletter focuses specifically on business ethics in relation to human resource management.
  • offers a "Complete Guide to Ethics Management." This free online guidebook offers ways to stay up to date on ethical issues in management.
  • IBS Center for Management Research's Chapter 10: Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management of "Business Ethics and Corporate Governance" provides information on human resource business ethics.
  • George Mason University offers a six-week course on business ethics in human resources.
  • Marylhurst University's website offers various resources on human resources ethics under the heading "HR Ethics." 

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Sales & Marketing

  • California State University-Long Beach  offers a code of business ethics especially relevant to sales and marketing.  
  •  Pepperdine University: Graziadio Business Reportexplains the differences between two common issues in sales and marketing, price fixing and minimum resale restrictions.  
  • U.S. Department of Statedisplays an article by Lizabeth England called "Marketing with a Conscience: Sales and Ethics." The article includes sections that cover definitions of ethics in marketing, some of the challenges and even gives a list of rules that constitute ethical marketing. 
  • Carroll College has an online article that contains information on ethical advertising.  
  • University of Notre Dame's Department of Business Chair Patrick E. Murphy published an article titled "Marketing Ethics at the Millennium: Review, Reflections, and Recommendations." This work has an abundance of information that pertains to business ethics in marketing.  

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International Business

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