Scholarships for Business Students

There are arguably more scholarships out there for business students than there are for any other type of student. Because business professionals are among the highest earners, they are often able to endow scholarships to students at their alma maters. Plus, there are many business organizations that provide scholarships to students who are seeking bachelor's degrees in business or Masters of Business Administration. However, these privately endowed scholarships are often very competitive, awarded to only a few students each year and the applicant pool are generally very large. Usually, a student's best chance of obtaining a business scholarship is through his or her own educational institution, because for national scholarships there may well be thousands of very qualified applicants for only one or two scholarships. There are also regional scholarships, which can be somewhat less competitive than national scholarships. 

Every scholarship application differs slightly, but most will require a personal statement of some sort along with an application. This personal statement will detail the reasons why a candidate deserves a scholarship, usually asking the applicant to detail what kind of positive experiences they have had with business. It is also common to request either college or high school transcripts and a resume. Students can find many scholarship opportunities through internet search engines. 

Business Scholarships from Professional Organizations

Many business organizations are geared toward certain groups of people. For example, there is the American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants, which encourages women to network with other women who work as accountants. This organization offers a $3,000 scholarship to women who are planning on earning MBAs in accounting. There is a similar option offered by the Business and Professional Women's Foundation. The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) offers scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 to members who are planning on earning master of business administration degrees. Recipients may also receive a fully funded trip to attend the NBMBAA national conference during the year for which they have been awarded a scholarship. The National Association for the Self-Employed provides scholarships to small business owners and entrepreneurs who are members of the organization and are hoping to earn masters degrees in business.

Two of the most popular business organizations offer scholarships to members as well. The National Business Association funds a scholarship program that is highly competitive, but can be used for graduate and undergraduate study. The National Society of Accountants has a scholarship that is granted to a professional who is interested in earning a master's degree in business.