Certification Options for Business Professionals

Business Management Certification Options

Business management is the most recognizable profession in the business world and there are a number of state, national and international professional organizations that are dedicated to helping professionals connect with one another and build their skills. Several of these organizations offer certification programs to members. For example, the Association of Professional Office Managers offers a certification course that leads to an Office Management Certification, which can boost an applicant's resume.

There is also the American Society for Training and Development, which offers certification to members who satisfactorily complete an examination. Those who earn this certification have the distinction of a certified professional in learning and performance. 

Financial Certification Options

Financial professionals have a number of certification options, though they are generally optional. Technically, only accountants are required to earn certification and retain it, mainly because they are directly responsible for handling a person or business' money. Some financiers, such as investors, are also required to be certified, but those who work as analysts or provide financial advice to others are not mandated to earn a certification. 

The Association for Financial Professionals offers the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) distinction, which is useful for those who are interested in working in finance. Completing this certification can improve earning potential, provide candidates with better career stability and flexibility, and for those professionals who work for themselves, earning a certification distinction can make it easier to market oneself to potential clients. In order to earn certification, a professional must hold a bachelor's degree, and he or she must apply for the credential and then sit for the exam.

The Global Association of Investment Professionals offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. This certification is widely recognized by employers and clients around the world, and unlike the CTP certificate, the CFA requires completing a course of study with a fixed curriculum before sitting for an exam, no matter how much prior training, education and experience one has.

Human Resources Certification Options

The Society for Human Resource Management offers a popular specialization that is intended specifically for those who work in human resources. They offer a number of online courses to professionals to help them explore technical and legal issues in human resources and make themselves more desirable candidates on the job market. The society represents some of the most committed human resources professionals in the United States.