Doctoral Degrees for Business Students - How to Get One and How It Will Affect Your Career Path

The doctoral degree in business requires several years of full-time study. It represents one of the most significant monetary investments that a person will make throughout the course of his or her lifetime, as well as a major investment of time. Therefore, only those who are absolutely committed to the academic study of business and to working in the academic field upon graduation should choose to pursue a doctoral degree in business. It is not typically used by those who are looking to work in the business field (except in some rare cases where the person hopes to become a chief executive officer or other major official within a top company), so most business professionals will not benefit from earning their doctoral degree. It is only useful for a select group of businessmen and women. 

Earning a Doctoral Degree in Business

Schools differ significantly in the way they arrange doctoral programs in business. The amount of time it requires to earn a doctoral degree ranges from three to seven years depending on the program and on the student. There are both full-time and part-time programs available and most major universities that have a reputable business school will have a reputable doctoral degree program available. If there are no degree programs within a person's immediate vicinity, he or she may be able to apply to an online doctoral degree program. 

The doctoral degree in business involves both traditional curricular studies - usually in most of the same areas that an undergraduate business student would study - and an individual research component. Many people teach undergraduate classes or work as a teacher's assistant while earning a doctoral degree, though obviously this option is only available to some traditional campus students and not to online students. Students will have a significant say in the kinds of classes they take, usually tailoring them to suit their specific specializations and interests, and they will work on their dissertation or thesis while completing all required classes. Usually, students complete this component under the guidance of a professor. 

What to Do with a Doctoral Degree in Business

The doctoral degree in business is most useful for those who are hoping to work as business professors or as researchers. The skills that students earn while completing these degrees are ideal for researchers, because they will have learned how to accurately collect data and how to analyze it and apply it in practical business settings. Some community college teachers also have doctoral degrees.