The Top Campus-Based Business Schools

Harvard Business School

When one hears the name Harvard, one automatically thinks of a school that is the best of the best, but even among some of the country's top academic programs, the business school still stands apart. Graduates of the Harvard Business School have gone on to work as some of the most successful professionals in the country and around the world, making names for themselves as entrepreneurs, top executives, and business owners. Harvard's Business school offers Masters of Business Administration degrees and bachelor's degree programs. Of course, Harvard is among the most competitive schools in the world, also, and it is extremely difficult to get in to Harvard's business school. 

Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago

Chicago is a major business hub, with Illinois being one of the top employers of financial and business professionals. There are many major businesses that are based in Chicago, so opportunities for employment for graduates of business degree programs are abundant, and there is no better place to train for a business-oriented career in Chicago than at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. Students have internship opportunities with some of the best professionals in the industry, and there is a high employment rate for recent graduates. 

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford has the best business school in California, which is a major employer of all types of professionals. Its location in the high-tech capital of the United States makes it ideal for any business professionals who are interested in working in the technology industry. Graduates of Stanford can boast a stellar education with some of the best professors of business around, and graduate students will have completed a reputable, original research thesis while completing their degree. 

Columbia Business School

New York is the dream locale for many a businessman and woman. The possiblities to work in business in New York City are seemingly endless, so it is not surprising that when selecting an institution from which to earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree in business, many students are drawn to the best schools in New York. Many people argue that the best school for business in New York City is at Columbia, a school that is recognized for turning out outstanding graduates from around the world. 

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Dartmouth is an Ivy League school, and it is therefore not surprising that it is among the most competitive in the country. Those who are accepted to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and successfully complete an MBA from the institution will likely have little problem finding a job that is challenging and offers high pay with opportunities for career advancement, no matter where they apply.